A detailed Corporate Social Responsibility: Explain Corporate Social Responsiveness?

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How would you explain corporate social responsiveness ? Why should companies care about the society , while one of their purpose is profit maximization?

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How Would You Explain Corporate Social Responsiveness?

Corporate social responsibility is an organization’s ability to care for the environment, surrounding community and the economy that affects all its operations. Corporate social responsiveness is the swift reaction an organization has to the public expectations

corporate social responsiveness

What is corporate social responsibility?

 This is form of management, where the organization can incorporate the social aspect to their day-to-day operations of a business. These are responsibilities are disguised as social contracts .Actions used to exercise its purpose for the greater good while legitimizing its operations. This practice strengthens a dynamic relationship with its society laws, while adhering to its ethical forms in corporate social responsibility.

 What is Responsiveness?

Corporate social responsiveness is the quick reaction and with a positive impact. An organization’s swift and positive response to its surrounding environment.

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