You are currently viewing 40 exceptional Finance essay topics for your research paper

40 exceptional Finance essay topics for your research paper

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Writing a good essay starts with a well-structured and catchy topic. However, coming up with exceptional finance essay topics for a research paper can be tasking and may get in the way of delivering an A-grade essay.

Most students choose studies and learn more about it than writing a dissertation which can be tricky at times because there are so many aspects that need exploring when writing up any good project or paper!

Our expert team has compiled a list of 40 finance essay topics for your research paper. We understand that financial planning assignment help  is important to help you achieve your desired grade

As listed in our Outline, we have structured our finance essay topics to suit the course outline.

Finance essay topics on taxations

  1. Effects of Income Tax Changes on Economic Growth essay

  2. Corban taxation and its impact on Australia essay

  3. Is fat tax the real and is it here to stay essay

  4. How tax cuts help revive the economy Essay

  5. Inflation, Taxes, and Interest Rates

  6. The Flawed Fast-Food Tax a case study of the McDonald’s Company

  7. Sugary Drink Tax as a Public Health Policy

  8. Fiscal Policy: Federal Investment and Taxes

  9. Social Security and tax benefits to citizens 

  10. Strategies for reducing federal income tax 

Finance essay topics on cashflow management

  1. Cash Flow Management Case Study

  2. The Importance of Cash Management

  3. Cash Management Case Study

  4. The importance of a return of investment

  5. Cash management analysis on a business plan

finance essay topics on Investment planning

  1. differences between the top-down and bottom-up approach in investment.

  2. Discuss in detail the steps of the portfolio management process.

  3. Difference between alternative investing and traditional investing
  4. The time value of money
  5. Investment Timing
  6. Diversification – ‘spreading risk
  7. What are treasury bills and bond.
  8. Explain what are Money Market Mutual Funds
  9. Investment Strategy
  10. Market Analysis and Capital Market Expectation (CME) and Sector Analysis
finance essay topics assignment

Estate planning assignment topics

  1. integrating Estate Planning with the Tax and Financial Plan

  2. what is Risk management

  3. Charitable planning for the elderly

  4. What is the law of Guardianship

  5. Guardianship and its advantages and disadvantage in the USA

  6. Who can exercise the Powers of attorney

  7. Understanding what is Conservatorship

  8. Why Estate Planning is Important for Everyone

  9. Estate Planning and Tax Facts

Income tax assignment topics

  1. strategies for the sale of capital gain assets and real property

  2. what are the minimum distributions for tax planning

  3. explaining Maximizing tax benefits on the sale of a principal residence

  4. Like-kind exchanges and installment sales

  5. Maximizing the tax benefits available to self-employed individuals

  6. Tax planning opportunities for rental properties

  7. Maximizing deductions and credits for education expenses

What to Look Out for When Choosing Interesting Finance Essay Topics

Understand the course outline:

You need to understand the financial planning course outline. The course outline assists you in choosing a good financial planning essay topic as you will be within the range of what is required. In most cases, the topic you choose is required to fall under the studies course topics. Having access to the financial planning course outline is important.

Meeting all the Requirements

This is especially important if the topic has specific requirements that they must have. This is to ensure you score a max mark. The essay marks are awarded as early as the topic chosen down to the references used.

Need help on how to cite an essay paper properly? Here is how to APA Style citation, Mla style citation

Choose a topic that sounds interesting to you:

Ensure you are working on a topic that is going to interest you as you will be working on the research paper yourself. If you picked a topic that is boring or not interesting at all then you find yourself losing interest in the middle of your essay.

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