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  • An internship report carries all the important details of the organization, this means that our team of professional writers will have to research more details of the organization you were having your internship. The Final Internship report will include your experience, the skills you acquired, the communication process of the organization, positive and negative criticism, aura, and recommendation to the organization. A good internship report however reflects well on you, the organization, and your internship supervisor. It also shows how eligible you are for this particular position.
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Benefits Of Our Final Internship Reports Help completed your 8 weeks of internship experience, you’re now tasked with the grueling responsibility of compiling your internship report which is no small fate. Picture this, having to compile a 20-page report using a particular format after all the responsibilities and duties you had to tick off your to-do list in by any chance no mean fit.

 That’s where our team of experienced team of professional writers comes in. We bring to the table, years of writing internship reports. And also a good way to document your internship experience.  The benefits of using essaylinkwriters are numerous. Here are the key benefits of using our internship report services.

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  1. Cover page should include the following:
    1. Name of university, college, and department
    2. Title page : it should be indicative of internship experience
    3. Employer name
    4. Name of internship advisor
    5. Name and ID number of student
    6. Submission date
  1. Executive summary (in one page)
  2. Acknowledgment
  3. table of contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Company or organization background: should describe the nature of the company’s activities, size, vision, mission, and organization chart focusing on the unit in which you have been working at.
  6. SWOT analysis
  7. Organizational marketing strategy
  8. Organizational competitive strategy 
  9. Job history: A table showing major assignments and the timeframe for each and a narrative description
  10. Technical part reflects actual projects undertaken or problems handled and methodology used, limitations, finding, and suggested solutions
  11. Evaluation of the internship experience and skills gained.
  12. Summary of findings and recommendations
  13. Conclusions
  14. List of references
  15. Appendix section  (all other documents submitted such as Log Book, progress reports) 


Make sure to follow the Final internship report format and contents outlined below.

1 Make sure that you write your internship report to be understood by a layman and not your advisor.

  1. Proofread your report before submission. Make sure it is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  1. Whenever possible try to avoid the use of the first pronoun (i.e., “I” and “We”) throughout your internship program report.
  1. Any paragraph should have at least two sentences.
  1. Avoid having orphan lines at the end of pages. You cannot have a title at the very end of the page. In addition, you need to have at least two lines of a paragraph at the end of every page.
  1. Be systematic and consistent in your writing style: in using font type, font size, heading numbering, spacing, showing the hierarchy of titles, citing reference, justification, indentation, page numbers, footnoting, etc.
  1. Be sure to have page numbers your tables of contents and figures. Tables and figures should have their titles too.
  1. If you are using photocopied tables or figures, make sure they are clean and readable.
  1. Avoid having two or more headings after each other without a text in between. Similarly, avoid having tables or figures without any narrative description to explain them.
  1. Make sure that every figure or table is referenced at least once in the body of the internship reports.
  1. There is no maximum or a minimum page number for the internship final report. Be sure to address your topic adequately. Your grade is not directly linked to the size of the report.
  1. Make sure to cite every source of information used in the body of the report. Be sure to identify information that is extracted as-is from another source. Indicate whether the secondary information used is a direct quote or you paraphrased it in your own words. The use of references is not limited to the Conceptual Framework part.
  1. Your list of references should include your organization’s manuals and/or annual reports, relevant and recent textbooks, relevant and recent journal articles, and Internet sources.
  1. Whenever possible leave detailed descriptions which might hinder the readability of the report to the appendix and direct the reader to go to it if he desires.
  1. Try your best in highlighting the limitations of your final report. Provide some information on how to improve it.
  1. If you have done more than one project, try to focus on the major one and make it your main project after getting approval from your internship advisor. The other project(s) can be briefly included in the report. If your projects are relatively small and of the same size, you may need to describe them all. Be sure to consult your advisor on the matter.
  1. Make sure, at all times, to have at least one backup copy of your electronic file of the report.
  1. If you are developing a computerized system, make sure to include a copy of it (on a CD) in the report
  2. Have a look at the Report examples 
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