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10 exceptional Internship Final Report Samples

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You have just completed your internship period and are ready to embark on writing a more detailed and informative internship report. An Internship report that will paint a picture of your internship experience and be detailed enough to cover all the aspects of an academic report. Then our internship final report sample will come in handy. 

About 80% of the students who have undergone an internship program do not have an idea of how the internship report should appear or event the accepted format. In this article, we will guide you on the preferred Final internship report format and provide you with a well-written PDF sample for you to refer to. Provide you with accepted weekly log templates, progress report templates, a final internship report sample, templates, and expert help


An internship program is a form of training whose main purpose is to offer a more hands-on work environment experience. This is offered to interns who want to acquire workplace knowledge in an organization. An internship program is seen as an active learning experience where interns are ready to take up employees’ roles. 

The internship period allows interns to learn planning skills and leadership skills under the supervision of both their college supervisor and organization supervision. It helps in bridging the gap between corporate professionals working future the academic theory. However, You need to know how to choose the best program related to your major.


An internship report on the other hand is the compiled summary document by the student employee on his account of the internship experience. The report consists of weekly logs, two progress reports’ content, and the Final report. The internship final report should be signed by the supervisor and approved by the human resource department of the organization.

Our Internship report templates and samples are tailored for academic reports to interns, a full-time employee, and anyone who needs a report-based format.


The main purpose of the internship program is to provide students with relevant practical experience and opportunities to discover and explore skills gained in academic theory. This ensures there are various benefits of an internship experience to both the students and the organization:

  • The benefit of internships for students is to provide the type of work that involves their major before making it to the job market.

  • learn the technical, leadership, and interpersonal skills they will need to complete in their job market.

  •  Enable the intern to improve their ability to make career-related decisions.

  • Develop professional skills judgment, sense of professional responsibility, and self-confidence;

  •  To provide specific preparation for their internship employer and field of interest to students.

  • Discovering their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses in an organization.

  •  To enable a successful transition from college education to working with many employers.

  •   It enables the intern to establish professional work habits and attitudes.

  •  Gives a chance to onboard theories learned in class with real-life situations.

  •   Increase employment for a student and more opportunities in the company.

Internship Report Guidelines :

  • Cover page details
  • Executive summary.
  • Acknowledgment section.
  • table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Company background
  • SWOT analysis
  • Organizational marketing strategy
  • Organizational competitive strategy 
  • Job history.
  • Conceptual framework
  • The technical part reflects actual projects u
  • Evaluation of the internship experience
  • Summary of findings and recommendations
  • Conclusions
  • List of references
  • Appendices

A Sample of an Internship Final Report PDF Format

Weekly Internship Report Logs Template

Internship Progress Report Template

Final Internship Report Template

completed internship final report sample.

The internship final report sample below was written by an intern, allowing them into their internship programs at the companies listed below. The following report sample was already submitted to the universities library so don’t submit your work as it will show a high percentage of plagiarism. These samples are to be used only as guides or templates.

Saudi Aramco Final Internship Report Sample.

This is an internship final report sample below is based on one of the leading companies in KSA. The report is about a student who had his internship experience in the organization. If you need to write an internship report on a similar topic. you can use this as a guide on what your lecture may want to see on your internship report. 

The paper has a well-formatted title page, detailed conclusion, well-researched data on the organization, a well-written introduction and a 20 pages plagiarism-free document.

Al Fares Holding group final Internship report sample .

This internship final report sample shines its focus on one of the leading private holding companies in Saudi Arabia. Al Fares holding group is a firm with various departments to cater to intern and full-time employees. It also has an internship program that allows gives most interns a chance to graduate.

Alinma Bank final internship report sample.

This internship final report sample was done by an intern at Alinma bank during the internship period. The report contains details of all the departments he was to be moved around to in the organization. 

This report has about 15 to 20 pages of APA format referencing style. This document can be used as a reference on how to create your internship final report.

Arbah Capital final internship report sample

This Internship final report sample document was prepared by an intern in Arbah capital holding in Dammam Saudi Arabia which is a licensed capital markets authority firm. The finance major graduate was able to write an internship report based on his experience in the organization. 

This Internship report can be used as a reference as stated on the first page. You are not allowed to submit this document as your work.



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