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100+ Exceptional Business Law Essay Topics for Research Paper

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Writing a research paper on business law can be exciting and enjoyable. However, you have to prepare appropriately to develop an extensively researched and well-written research paper.

Business law is a vast field of study that includes complex concepts that need adequate time and effort to research and write. Students are expected to explain different rules and concepts of rights, relations, and business conduct.

Besides, business law is entirely concerned with maintaining order, resolving disputes, and formulating commonly accepted operating standards. As such, business law students can discuss and evaluate these rules and concepts with the help of various business law essay topics.

 This article will assist you in developing a  business law essay topic. Read on to find reflective research topics on business law and how to pick the right topic.

What is a Business Law Essay?

Undoubtedly, advancement in technology has significantly impacted international trade and businesses in many different ways. Besides, many countries regulate the business sector, in which applicable business laws are varied. Usually, businesses intentionally breach imposed laws to optimize profit or reduce risk.

The business legal system is essential in the sphere of business. Therefore, business law essays are academic documents that focus specifically on examining business laws issues and the complexities governing global business.

For this reason, grasping business law content can be daunting for most students, mainly those law isn’t their cup, but they have to pursue the course regardless. However, you can forge through your coursework with guidance from professional business law experts.

Choosing the interesting business law essay topics and writing excellent research papers to avoid failing your course. familiarize yourself with how to write a detailed  legal paper 

what to look out in writing a business law essay topics

What to Look Out for When Choosing Interesting Business Law essay Topics

Choose a topic that would allow you to meet all the requirements of the business essay law topics and research paper as it will get you good marks. Make sure to work closely with your instructor, if you want to select viable business Law essay topics for your research paper. 

By seeking the support and guidance of your instructor, you get the assurance that you are working in the right direction.

Meeting all the Requirements

Choose business law essay topics that would allow you to meet all the requirements of the business law research paper as it will get you good marks. Make sure to work closely with your instructor, if you want to select a viable topic for your research paper.

 By seeking the support and guidance of your instructor, you get the assurance that you are working in the right direction.

Choose a topic that sounds interesting to you

Make sure you choose a topic that is interesting to you. That way, you can make it interesting for your targeted reader. Business law essay topics should be persuasive and motivate you to conduct the necessary research to gather the required relevant resources.

Choose a topic that is not very broad nor very narrow

Be sure to pick the right business law essay topics that are not too broad, because you may find it difficult to cover all the sections of the topic adequately. On the other hand, choosing a narrow topic will make finding enough information even harder.

where to find a business law essay topic

Where to Find Topic Ideas for your Business Law Essay?

On top of the list, you should consider looking for inspiration for your business law essay in specialized resources. So, if you have business leaders that you regard greatly, we suggest you review info from them as a priority. These may include articles, books, and posts on social media among others. Consider those issues that interest you most of all.

Moreover, we recommend you comb through various online media. Most business journals and business resources are backed with a lot of useful information about the most current aspects of the business world. Look through them to find business law topics that may catch your attention.

Often, social media accounts can also provide a great choice for searching for business law topics. Therefore, look through them as you can come across many interesting and inspiring research topic ideas therein. Certainly, you can be sure to get some of the best business law research topics ideas.

However, if you are restricted in time, we already have a collection of exciting business law essay topics that you can consider choosing regardless of your business law specialty. Below are some of the business law topics you can choose for your business law paper


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Exclusive Business Law Essay Topics

  • Barring from Anti-Trust Laws – Is it beneficial?

  • Approved action program

  • Racial discrimination and Abercrombie

  • Collective Bargaining – What is the agreement?

  • Application of Age Discrimination Act at the Workplace

  • Workplace accidents – how to treat or deal with them?

  • Mitigation of sexual harassment legislation in companies

  • Implications of Collective Bargaining Union

  • How to identify bankruptcy fraud?

  • Is paternity leave eligible for a father?

  • Judge’s provisions in developing countries – Corruption of business law

  • Limitation on a trade secret – When should confidentiality be reduced?

  • Should any penalty be imposed on smoking employees?

  • Analyze fall protection in the construction sector

  • Role of alternative dispute resolution in business

  • Should employees be involved in the development of business laws?

  • Applying the law of defamation in the business sector

  • Evaluating the solutions for the breach of a business agreement

  • Components of the European Law that can be applied in global business laws

  • Responsibility of a Moot court in shaping global business laws

  • Influence of legal realism on business law practices

  • Point out the difference between Russian and Chinese business laws

  • Who should be blamed in case of a breach of a contract?

  • Business law is not sufficient to support a cyber-crime – Critical Analysis

  • Explore the regulatory bodies in international business

  • Affirmative action programs

  • Bank fraud and the methods of identification

  • Whom does the copyright law protect between a singer signed to a record label company or an independent one?

  • Proprietary versus contract security

  • Trademark infringement

  • How can verbal and nonverbal agreements apply in investigating contract laws?

  • Analyzing the connotations of a commercial lease and its importance to business owners

  • What are the benefits of business law on commercial transactions and licensing?

  • How do litigation procedures affect the business?

  • Sexual harassment lawsuits

  • Evaluate the substance of business law doctrines of equity

  • Investigating the application of copyrights and trademarks play in business transactions

  • Commercial law sets the framework for business in every society

  • What are the positive and negative suggestions for tort reform?

  • How non-disclosure agreements protect the business in a short and long run

  • What are the perks and pitfalls of the affirmative action program?

  • Analyze the importance of a universal commercial law code to society’s business entities

  • What are the beneficial aspects of exclusion from antitrust laws?

Advanced Business Law Essay Topics

  • Can the Exclusion from antitrust laws be good?

  • Essential details about Abercrombie and Race Discrimination

  • Various methods of treatment for Accidents in the Workplace

  • Corruption in Business Law: How to get rid of it

  • Effective methods to keep business running

  • What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?

  • Sexual Harassment Law: What does it say?

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

  • How does piracy affect the profitability of a business?

  • Hazards of the Construction Industry: What are the solutions provided by the Government?

  • Age Discrimination Act: What is it?

  • Everything about the Collective Bargain Agreement

  • What should be the level of confidentiality of trade secrets?

  • Analysis of the difficulties faced by the business due to pursuing Commercial or Regular Lease

  • What is the role of a Director’s Guarantee under Business Laws?

  • Analysis of the Structure of Transactions under Business Laws

  • The role played by Copyrights and Trademarks about Business Transactions

  • The effect of Business Law on Commercial Transactions and Licensing

  • Everything you need to know about Advertising Law

  • The application of Termination Agreements and Contract Law in Business Transactions

  • A comparison of the intellectual property regime in the US and UK

  • Evaluation of fair dealing in copyright law terms – A US case study

  • Effects of EU law on the UK intellectual property regime

  • What role does corporate social responsibility play in the performance of companies?

  • Effectiveness and extent of the protection of the intellectual right of the indigenous people in the US

  • How emerging technological advancements can smoothly operate within the current US intellectual property laws

Contract Law titles For A Business Law Research Paper

  • The importance of Contract Law for small or single entrepreneurs

  • The role of Law of Contracts in Business Transactions

  • How does Legislature impact the interpretation of Contracts?

  • What is the Ocean Liner Contract system?

  • How pre-incorporation contracts work

  • The role of Contract Law about shipping and transportation across five countries in the world

  • Contract Law and why it is essential in a versatile global business environment?

  • A thorough investigation of the Tort Liability Law in the United Kingdom

  • What is the difference between the UK and the EU after the implementation of the Brexit Contract Law?

  • The importance of the Mudaraba contract in context with Islamic Law

  • What is the significance of online privacy policies on the Contract Law?

  • Islamic Law and limitations in the implementation of Contract Law

  • The analysis and comparison of the Contract Law for Small, Medium, and Large enterprises in the United Kingdom

  • The role of the state in the implementation of the Contract Law

  • Everything you need to know about code, law, and their interpretations in the digital world

  • A discussion of the Penalty under the Contract Law in context with the English Law

  • Emerging Economies: Analyzing the enforcement of Contract Law

  • The difference between verbal commitments, non-contractual relations, and Contract Law: What problems are faced during their enforcement?

  • An investigation of the impact of Labor Laws within the country

International Business Law Essay Topics for Research Paper

  • International arbitration – Best policies to choose

  • The right of the company to choose its nationality

  • The understanding impact of the litigation processes on small and medium business entities operating in international arenas

  • Effects of international business laws on energy projects globally

  • The Doctrine of Separate Legal personality and its significance in International business

  • Is it still possible to buy the services of judges in first-world countries?

  • The right of the company to choose its nationality

  • Solutions for stopping former employees from joining rival companies

  • Is there a way to avoid litigation procedures in foreign lands?

  • Drawing up international extractive contracts for oil and mining companies

  • Is it legal to say no to paternity leaves for fathers when working with foreign employees?

  • Implementation of employee non-disclosure agreement across national boundaries

  • Can domestic laws be incorporated into international business agreements – the consequences

  • What are the cases in international business when the data security and confidentiality policies are not applied?

Getting the Best Business Law Essay Topics for Research Paper

There are plenty of business law topics that business law students can consider. However, business law writing requires time and extra effort. As such, you should be ready to thoroughly research and analyze information before you embark on writing your business law research paper.